Afrigons Boek 7 (2 dele)

Afrigons 7, Deel 1 en 2 with Teacher’s Memo

A comprehensive workbook designed specifically for Grade 7 learners which is ideal for the preparation for the High School Afrikaans Curriculum. Both parts of Afrigons 7 are presented in full colour and outline all the necessary rules for leaners to reference and practise. The books are noted for their clear explanations and examples are plainly set out, allowing learners to work more independently. The content of the books is relevant, age appropriate and learner centred. Teachers and learners alike rely on Afrigons for its clarity, sound learning content, full curriculum coverage and interesting exercises.

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    Afrigons 7, deel 1: 978-0-9922214-3-0
    Afrigons 7, deel 2: 978-0-9946806-4-8
    Afrigons 7, deel 1 Memo: 978-0-9946806-5-5
    Afrigons 7, deel 2 Memo: 978-0-9946806-7-9
  • Size: A4
  • Page count: ± 80
  • Other Titles in this collection: Afrigons Boek 1 – 7 (2 dele elke), Afriskryf and Afriskerp.